Woodland Warriors

“Woodland Warriors” is the title of a set of four limited edition prints depicting four Native American tribes. The prints started as a project between Herb Clevenger (Shawnee) and Joe Scott (enthusiast and craftsman) both researchers, who had a desire to depict Native American tribes as they were before European influence. With European migration, the tribes began to merge with not only European influence, but with each other.

Research is extremely difficult because these were oral cultures, and because stereo-typing began almost instantly. Joe and Herb combined the artistic talent of Paula Stahl, an award winning artist, to illustrate their research and vision.

Each Native tribe had their own hair styles, tattooing, body painting, and jewelry styles. Each in itself was its own culture. The result is two years of work depicting hair styles and ornamentation of four tribes, Ottawa, Ojibwa, Wyandot, and the Potawatomi during the 18th century.

The warriors depicted, illustrate the age, physical stature, and even facial features of authentic tribesmen.


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