Walk in Peace

Walk in PeaceStarting as letters to a group of Native American friends of her daily walks and insights about what the forest had to teach us all, the writting became popular and looked forward to every day by these readers. Now, the collection is published as a book for you to enjoy and brings the perspective of Native American wisdom.

The woods of a National Forest come to life in detail that takes the reader into the realm of whispering trees and sparkling water, while the often humorus daily events bring a smile and thought of those things in life we are all too busy to notice.

Peaceful Wind captures these moments, and the thoughts we all have, and then throws in a unique insight that gives you something to ponder and enjoy. The letters are short, interesting, charming and full of integrity.

If you are interested in Native American philosophy, this book will quench your thirst. The focus is on how to apply this philosophy to everyday life, not how to study other’s ancient wisdom.

If you are simply looking for a thought provoking read from a different perspective, that can bring a smile while it gives food for thought, this book will meet that desire too.

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