Hand Painted Feathers

Feathers hold a special meaning to Native Americans. Birds fly up in the sky, in the space between our world and the next.

The larger the bird is, the higher they fly, and the closer to Creator they can reach. So, feathers from large birds, such as birds of pray, have higher power.

Feathers were used in many ways, but one way was as a gift of significance. Feathers were not just tied in the hair or used as decoration to look pretty, the right to wear it had to be earned. They were often used as an honor gift or award type presentation. Peaceful Wind’s hand painted feathers are perfect for such gifting.

The feathers are all natural from birds, and collected with honor and respect. They are hand painted, no two alike. The feather is decorated and ready to hang or tie.

Beads are wood, bone, or glass, and the feather is smudged and prepared with the utmost care.

The large feathers are from wild turkey, are donated to Peaceful Wind from hunters. No animal has lost its life to provide these, rather, it is making use of sacred feathers that otherwize would be thrown away.

Each type of feather has its own significance. Turkey feathers represent harvest time, all blessings, they signify adaptability in all areas of life and energy of sharing. The tail feathers like these, represent aligning us with forces to help stop and steer our own lives.

Peaceful Wind’s hand painted feathers are limited.   Please contact the artist to check on availability.


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