[portfolio_slideshow class=”pwc-portraits” trans=shuffle  id=185]The artist believes a portrait should not only be a unmistakable likeness of the subject, but also, capture a spark of personality as well. There are many ways to do this. It can often be depicted as a twinkle in the eye, and still yet, at other times a different approach is called for as in “Inside and Out” displayed on the Welcome Page.

The Artist can work from a natural sitting or from a photo, and all commissions can be completed easily via mail. Photos can be altered as to background, objects added or deleted, and two or more photos used to create composite portraits.

The artist normally recommends pastels, as this is a museum quality medium and the most cost effective for the customer.

The colors stay very vibrant and the work will last indefinitely as long as it is framed correctly. However, should you prefer, other mediums are available, such as pencil, pen and ink, watercolor or oils.

To commission a portrait please see here. Thankyou.

Animal Spirit Guides are spiritual beings that can help us in a life-positive way. You can call on them for guidance, protection, healing, and inspiration. We may see them, hear them, feel them, or just know they’re with us, and we can have any number of spirit guides throughout our life whether we’re aware of them or not. Their intention is to help us have a more peaceful, harmonious, and happier life. They are happy to serve and willingly do so whenever called. In this on-line course from bestselling author Dr. Steven Farmer, you will learn 6 key lessons to help bring your Animal Spirit Guides into your daily life.


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