Questions & Answers

How do I sign up for your newsletter

To register for the newsletter all you need to do is enter your e-mail address in the 'Newsletter' box to the right of this page and then click the 'Submit' button -  You will receive an e-mail from our system confirming your address with a link for you to click so that our system knows you are a real person and that you did indeed request to be added to our subscriber list, when you confirm this a copy of the newsletter will be e-mailed to you each month. You can cancel at any time by simply clicking a link at the bottom of every newsletter. Your privacy is very important to us, please be assured that the e-mail address you supply for the newsletter delivery will only ever be used for this purpose and will never be sold or otherwise distributed to 3rd parties.

How do I order your work or request further details

The process for ordering my work has altered slightly. I have added a contact form in the sidebar to the right and I would be obliged if you would use this to contact me about anything you require further information on, as soon as I receive your enquiry I will contact you to discuss availability and other options.



Please contact Paula here.