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Native American Girl

Paula Stahl lives in West Virginia and has been commissioning her art work for the last 30 years.  Much of her work represents her Native American ancestry and the rich traditions and wonderful stories passed along to her through her family, from generation to generation.  Paula’s ancestry includes Shawnee, Seneca and Cherokee ancestors, along with German immigrants who settled near the Seneca Trail and intermarried with the indigenous people.

Paula , or  ‘Peaceful Wind’, is a 1990 graduate of Davis & Elkins College in Elkins, West Virginia with a BA in Art with a specialization in Education along with minors in Religion and Communication. She graduated Magna Cum Laud.

Paula is foremost a portrait artist. Her experience includes silk screen art, logo design and a variety of commissioned work, but her first love has always been portraits. See the portrait page for samples and more information.

Paula grew up hearing and being taught Native American culture. Her artwork now reflects that heritage. Through her “Native American” work Paula strives to portray and share the authentic Native American cultures which are  sometimes in stark contrast to the artificial stereotyped image which has been established over the years.

“Inside And Out” is an original work now belonging to the private collection of Mr & Mrs John Johnson of WV

Native American work can be commissioned from the artist, who is also available for oral history presentations and story telling.

Paula is especially delighted to share this with school children. It was through storytelling that the Native American people educated their young on spirituality, morals, history and many other aspects of life.

Paula would like to invite you to browse her site, and view the portraits, art work, and Native American pieces that she has to offer.

Walk in peace.


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