Native American Dolls

Peaceful Wind’s dolls are all one of a kind originals. They each have their own Native American name and are numbered in the order made. They come with an individualized card. The card will also give you the birthday of your doll, which is the date she is completed.

[portfolio_slideshow id=185]Cherokee Astrology differs from the standard Sun Sign astrology, and with each doll her card will also tell you her Cherokee Day Sign, or astrology sign, with a small explanation of the sign.

In addition to this, there is an explanation of her dress, with historical information of the time period it was worn. Any colors, symbols and accessories will also be explained as to meaning. All feathers are real feathers, not died or bought. Cloth used is as close to what would have been originally used as possible. A record is kept of each doll, with name, number, Day Sign, style of dress and symbolic details, and if possible, purchaser information. If you loose your doll’s information, you can contact Peaceful Wind’s Creations and it can be duplicated for you. You may also make the contact when you purchase the doll and purchaser information will be added to her record.

The styles available are: a Plains Dress and Leggings, a Wrap Skirt and Leggings, and a Tear Dress. Dolls are available in Mother/Daughter sets, or individually. Extra outfits with accessories are also available.



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